Dongguan Baizhou New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Professional
  • Focus
  • Concentrate
Years of industry experience, strong
  • Years of expertise in the development and production of sheet materials, experience precipitation quality;
  • Industry-leading Sharp team, advanced modern management concept;
  • Real-time Update technology innovation technology, production technology and process with the times;
  • Full service support, so that you rest assured that no worries.
  • Better understanding of customer
Wide use of products
  • Food, industry, gift packaging and other industries applicable;
  • According to the needs of different industries, to provide the most suitable for the use of quality products.

  • Pet/ps sheet-Packing folding box
  • Pet/ps Sheet-Electronic pallet
  • Pet/ps sheet material-injection tray
  • Pet sheet-vegetable and fruit box
  • Pet Sheet-Mooncake Tray
  • Pp/ps Sheet-Dumplings pallet
  • More professional
Use of advanced production equipment
  • Has 6000 square meters of plant, advanced equipment, complete supporting;

  • Professional production and testing equipment to ensure product quality;

  • Realize production automation and shorten delivery time.
  • Pet finished Warehouse
  • Pet production Line
  • Pet production Line
  • Pet production Line
  • Pet production Line
  • Roll-Rolling Machine
  • Open-Chip machine
  • Trust is an honor.
The choice of many customers
  • Uphold the integrity of the company, promising business philosophy, access to customer trust;

  • The company adopts advanced management mode, the production flow is clear and smooth;

  • Have a sound customer service system and order process to create a good customer cooperation experience;

  • The use of high-quality new raw materials, to provide customers with the most secure processing materials;

Dongguan New Materials Co., Ltd. uphold integrity, promising business philosophy, specializing in the production and sale of PET, PS sheet. The main products are: Plastic box printing pet,pet window, scratch pet, anti-fog pet, anti-static pet, anti-static ps,ps conductive film, black, transparent, such as carrying leather material, products are environmentally friendly materials, in line with the relevant national environmental law. Berzo New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan Qingxi town, with 6000 square meters of plant, built-in professional production and testing equipment, to achieve production automation, shorten delivery time.   The company adopts the Advanced management mode, has the perfect customer service system and receives the single flow, creates the good cooperation experience for the customer, uses the high quality brand-new raw material, provides the safe processing material for the customer. From the date of establishment, the company to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service for the purpose, to produce non-toxic materials, pay attention to human health for the mission, with sincere heart, professional equipment, advanced technology, Advanced management mode, perfect service system, production of good products, provide good service.

  • Pet Plastic Box Printing slice
  • PS Conductive Carrier Tape
  • Scratch-resistant pet coiled materials
  • Scratch-proof Flower pet Slice
  • Anti-static PS sheet material
  • Transparent PS Carrier Belt
Baizhou quality
"Be trustworthy"
Industry News
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